Vida Loca Podcast Interview- Worldschooling, Summit +

Here’s a really fun interview Miro & Lainie gave did just few days ago, in person, here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They talked about all things worldschooling, their lives, what got them started on this crazy path, education, learning, unschooling, deschooling, worldschooling, their new group We are Worldschoolers and the Project World School Family Summit.

Lainie was literally in tears, this interview was so emotional for her. This beautiful family shared that Lainie & Miro were responsible for inspiring their journey and it blew them away every time they realize that their lives have impacted others in such a positive way. What an absolute gift and we hope you enjoy listening to this podcast too! Thank you Michael Lopez & Vanessa for the really fun conversation and we can’t wait to see you all back here in March for the Summit!!