drumduan – a cool, unschooled school

Together with the Hollywood actress Tilda Swinton, and fellow parent Ian McCook, Krzysztof Zajaczkowski co-ordinated the creation of a new and radically progressive upper school project in Moray, Scotland. A focus on self directed learning was applied to build up the whole potential of the human being; mental, emotional, and practical. This is community based education that has won accolades, and has also brought challenges, lessons that can be applied to those faced by Worldschoolers.

“Our education system has, to a large extent, become practically and emotionally barren with an almost obsessive drive to fast-track children through literacy and numeracy, facts and figures at the expense of the infinitely broader capacities of the young person. The work of the head, the heart and the hands must be constantly held in balance if we are to develop healthy and resilient adults capable of making wise choices for themselves and for the world.” – Krzysztof Zajaczkowski

Talk given by Krzysztof Zajaczkowski at the Project World School Family Summit, Guanajuato MX, 2018

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