Worldschooling Family Hubs Travel around the world and find hubs of worldschoolers

Below you will find a list of permanant, temporary and growing hubs around the planet. Find your community, you never need to be alone on this journey.

International Hubs


Project World School Family Summits – Temporary Worldschooling Community Hubs
Twice a year, the Project World School commuinity members host a temporary worldschooling hub  before and after the Project World Family Summit. There families plan excursions, get together for play dates and travel together.
Please join the facebook page for more information. 

Project World School Temporary Teen Learning Communties
Access the month-long teen retreats designed as learning communities. 

Project World School Family Learning Adventure

Project World School’s Family Adventure retreat is a two week community gathering focused on discovery & experience, utilizing the world around us as a rich classroom for learning. This 15 day family retreat takes place in the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley with an emphasis on cultural immersion, exploration and hands on local crafts and cooking. Learn and discover as a family and practice ways to connect deeper in a safe facilitated space. Retreat takes place June 17 – July 1st, 2019. EXTREMELY LIMITED SPACE. 


Anahata Worldschooling Community


Porto Grana Worldschoolers Hub


Worldschooling Andalucia

Prague Worldschooling
Czech Republic

Samokov Family Hub


Project World School does not necessary endorse any of these resources, we are simply sharing links and urge every worldschooler to do their own research. 

If you have a resource to add, please send us a message using the contact form below.


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