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We are Worldschoolers

The main worldschoolers group is created and ran  by Project World School co-founders, mother and son Lainie Liberti & Miro Siegel with a group of volunteer helpers. 
The We Are Worldschoolers Community welcome all who are interested in learning from the world combining experiential learning and cultural exchange. The group is more than just a “travel group” OR an “education/homeschool group”. It is a community, whose origins span the globe, representing different nationalities, belief systems, cultures and worldviews. We are a community of learners and adventurers, families of all sizes, people of all ages.
We are worldschoolers.

We are Worldschoolers

Subgroups & Special Interest Worldschooling Groups

We are Worldschoolers – Alternative & Holistic Medicine
We are worldschoolers – Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health
We are Worldschoolers – Entrepreneurship Mastermind  
We Are Worldschoolers – Events and Meet Ups 
We are Worldschoolers – Fitness & Sports 
We Are Worldschoolers – Money, Finance & Budgeting 
We Are Worldschoolers – Multicultural / Multilingual Families 
We Are Worldschoolers – On The Spectrum 
We Are Worldschoolers – On Wheels In Europe 
We Are Worldschoolers – Radical Unschooling 
We are Worldschoolers – Sailing Families 
We Are Worldschoolers – Self Care 
We are Worldschoolers – Solo Parents  
We Are Worldschoolers – Somos Worldschoolers, en Español  
We Are Worldschoolers – Thailand  
We are Worldschoolers-Traveling Dads 
We are Worldschoolers – Unpacking Privilege and Racism 
We are Worldschoolers – Vegans 
We are Worldschoolers – Bloggers
We Are Worldschoolers – Money, Finances & Budgeting
We Are Worldschoolers and We Are Wild
We are Worldschoolers Parents of Teens/Tweens
We are Worldschoolers – Gamers


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