Worldschooling Resources

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We have compiled a few resource lists to help assist you on your family’s worldschooling journey.  If you still aren’t sure what worldschooling is, please visit this page called What is Worldschooling.

Please use our Sessions section of our web site for information and inspiration and remember the best resource is the rich body of knowlege found within this community, which you will find at every Project World School Family Summit.

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What is Worldschooling?

Here, you will find an explanation of worldschooling, educational styles and travel styles.
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Worldschooling  Hubs Around the World

A list of permanent, temporary and growing hubs around the planet. Find your community. You never need to be alone on this journey.
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International Worldschooling Schools & Learning Centers

A comprehensive list of schools & learning centers, around the globe that welcome worldschooling children.
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Worldschooling Educational Resources

A list of educational resources, from online classes, language learning and k-12 learning programs to software and learning focused communities.
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Online Worldschooling Communities

A list of worldschooling communities online.
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