Meet the Family Behind Parenting, Passports & Profits

Please introduce you and your family.

Little Miss Ayla, dad Colin, mum Elly and one more to come any day now.

What does worldschooling mean to you?

Haven’t thought about it in depth so on a simple level it’s not much more complicated than “seeing the world as your classroom” statement that we find used more and more.

Describe how you and your family approach education and learning.

We feel comfortable in the ‘unschooling’ camp and trust in ourselves and our children that we will all learn and grow as global citizens making a positive contribution to the world. Time will tell!

How long have you and your family been worldschooling?

We left our home shores for the first time in the early hours of 23rd February 2017.

Share an “aha moment” you’ve experienced on your worldschooling journey:

We don’t need to plan our children’s education. With huge gratitude to Magdalena & Vito of ‘Natural Born Leaders’ for showing me how. Their masterclass ‘The Secrets of Planning Without Planning 2.0’ was a definite ‘Aha’ moment for me and has helped me relax when it comes to thinking about Ayla’s immediate education needs.

What role does community play in your worldschooling experience?

It’s taking on more and more importance so both the children and the parents do not need to spend a lot of their time and energy developing new friendships. And can simply enjoy being with like-minded souls.

What has been your greatest worldschooling challenge?

Establishing location independent incomes that will not only support us but allow us to get ahead financially.

Your greatest worldschooling achievement?

I guess simply sticking at it and making it work well enough that we want it to continue once our second child arrives (pretty much two years into the journey).

Share one travel hack or a few words of advice you’d like to share with fellow worldschoolers:

Respect and trust in your children as individuals. They will learn when they are ready and comparing them with others can be damaging.

What were the biggest takeaways you experienced at a Project World School Family Summit?

Discovering many others are seeking community.

What were your favorite moments?

The impromptu meetups before and after the daily events.

What would you say to someone who was considering coming to a Summit?

“Go”. Then “Give. Take. Invest. Enjoy.”

What Summit(s) have you attended?

Fall 2018, Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Where can people find you?