Meet Worldschoolers Nicole & Family

Please introduce you and your family:

My name is Nicole and I am single mom to 9 year old twins Ross and Phoebe.  I have Spina Bifida and walk with a cane, my son has autism and asthma and my daughter has ADD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

What does worldschooling mean to you?

Worldschooling to our family means learning in a non traditional way by exploring the world around you and interacting with locals to learn the culture and language.

Describe how you and your family approach education and learning:

My kids do one hour of online homeschooling coursework, focusing on one subject a day.  Then they do 15 minutes of reading a day. We then go out exploring to learn about a culture event (concert, museum) or simply going to the grocery store and figuring out how to use the local currency.

How long have you and your family been worldschooling?

We started our worldschooling journey on September 1st, 2018.

Share an “aha moment” you’ve experienced on your worldschooling journey:

My children have learning disabilities and were constantly struggling emotionally and mentally in school while in the United States.  My aha moment came when I saw how they have grown in a short time educationally and emotionally, just by worldschooling. It proves that they do not need to be stressed in a structured school environment to learn.

What role does community play in your worldschooling experience?

We join local expat groups and local mom groups to meet other people who are worldschooling their children.  The community plays in a big role because we can work on our Spanish together and create healthy socialization skills for my children.

What has been your greatest worldschooling challenge?

 Learning Spanish and overcoming the language barrier. We are still learning in this department, but the people both in Mexico and Colombia have been patient with us as we learn.

Your greatest worldschooling achievement?

Seeing my children enjoying learning for once and how eager they are to continue learning, exploring and traveling.

Share one travel hack or a few words of advice you’d like to share with fellow worldschoolers:

My favorite app that keeps all of our travels organized and updates when there are flight delay/changes, is Tripit!  It has been a lifesaver as it is just me who is organizing everything and I am the one that has to remember everything.

Where can people find you?

Website / Blog:

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