Meet the Worldschooling Staffords

Please introduce you and your family.

We are a son (15) and me (the Mom). I run a top level location based business (we travel about 1/3 of the time) and my son loves boardgames, video games and acting.

What does worldschooling mean to you?

That I raise this incredible child that God has given me the magnificent privilege of raising the best possible childhood – one in which he has a deep personal understanding of where he comes from, his own culture, and as many other cultures and connection with other people as possible in to his formative years.

Describe how you and your family approach education and learning.

The same way I was raised; unschooling. I provide a basic array of most everything, then support him in his own areas of talent and interest.

How long have you and your family been worldschooling?

Our first trip together was across Canada when he was 7 months. It was wonderful.

Share an “aha moment” you’ve experienced on your worldschooling journey:

I only heard the term Worldschooling less than two years ago and thought “So that’s what I’ve been doing all these years!”

What role does community play in your worldschooling experience?

When we travel, I try to really connect us to community, wether that means teaching a class, or my son attending a class, or just meeting up with other homeschool families.

What has been your greatest worldschooling challenge?

Moving to the US in 2012 and trying to get my son’s residency papers. This has grounded us to one country until just recently, although that means we’ve seen so much in every corner of the USA now!

Your greatest worldschooling achievement?

Being able to pull it off as a single Mom! I also love hearing my son say things like “Oh this airport has a great Mexican restaurant!” as we step off the plane at a lay over.

Share one travel hack or a few words of advice you’d like to share with fellow worldschoolers:

Use Skyscanner and Hopper apps for unbelievable deals on flights. Use Priceline for hotels from $27/night.

Life is too short to delay travel until retirement. God gave us the most incredible gift of this planet. The least we can do is look around.