Meet the Worldschooling Baldeos

Please introduce you and your family.

We are the Baldeo’s currently residing somewhere in the world! Andre from London (Swiss and Guyanese heritage) Becky from South Africa and our children Rico G and Tiana Mae. We lived in Cape Town for 10 years prior to embarking on this journey in April 2018

What does worldschooling mean to you?

Worldschooling to us is using every experience, good, bad, fun or not, whilst travelling to learn. There are so many strains to this that the list is endless.

Learning from all the different surroundings, people and environment are lessons in themselves.

Food, sanitation, history, weather, living conditions, currencies etc

Some lessons are subliminal just from being in the moment.

Describe how you and your family approach education and learning.

This is something that we are still figuring out! As a base we still follow some syllabuses from South Africa and England with regards to Math and English. The rest of the learning is done via engaging with our children about our experiences and surroundings. A lot of the time both Becky and I also learn during this process.
Reading is also pivotal for the kids as part of their education.

How long have you and your family been worldschooling?

Since we left Cape Town in April 2018

Share an “aha moment” you’ve experienced on your worldschooling journey:

I think visiting the Vinh Moc tunnels in Hue, Vietnam. It really unearthed a thirst for more information from both of our children regarding the war – why it started, the involvement of the United States, communism and multitude of other questions. They took it upon themselves to thoroughly research the topics themselves. Here is a link to a video Rico compiled:

What role does community play in your worldschooling experience?

The PWS community has been a great place to get learning resources and bounce ideas regarding world schooling. It has also been an amazing source of support and encouragement when we sometimes doubted ourselves or just needed someone to share with.

What has been your greatest worldschooling challenge?

Finding the right balance and consistency to learning. When to use books, and when to just let the kids instigate learning by themselves. With the curriculum learning for Math and English, we have weeks where there is a bit of a routine, and weeks where we don’t do anything. It’s after the latter the kids struggle to get back into it.

Your greatest worldschooling achievement?

Tiana recently took a maths exam, meant for a Grade higher than she would have been at school and got 75%, so it showed we were doing something right!

Share one travel hack or a few words of advice you’d like to share with fellow worldschoolers:

If you don’t own one already purchase a fairly decent bluetooth speaker. Travelling as a family can be very claustrophobic and being in confined spaces non-stop is stressful, just by sticking some music on it can change the mood immediately and diffuse tense environments. Having a dance to loud music can be a real tonic!

What were the biggest takeaways you experienced at a Project World School Family Summit?

A whole new group of global friends on a similar journey to us.

What were your favorite moments?

To see our kids make friends. They have been craving interaction with kids their ages.

What would you say to someone who was considering coming to a Summit?

It really is a fantastic event and so well run. Go in with an open mind and take whatever you deem necessary .to help you going forward.

What Summit(s) have you attended?

Fall 2018, Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Where can people find you?
Website / Blog: