Project World School Family Summit

The Project World School Family Summits are designed as temporary hubs where worldschoolers gather in the spirit of community and co-create valuable learning experiences. 


The summits are designed as a forum for all; from veteran worldschoolers to those who are just starting out as a place to add to our collective wisdom, share experiences, challenges and triumphs and support one another.

In 2021 community connection is more important than ever. Most worldschoolers have struggled in 2020,  faced with the inability to travel, some being unable to return to their home countries after long lockdowns. Most families have felt isolated from one another, some have faced health & mental health challenges and every single worldschoolers has dealt with so much uncertainty in the world around us.


As vaccinations become available and immunity levels increase among the population, we are serving our community in the manner in which it has asked. 


May 31 - June 4, 2021

The Project World School Family Summit will take place for 5 days from May 31st, though June 4th, 2021. 

The Summit will take place in the Barra de Potisi neighborhood of Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

We have reserved a small family run hotel that is excited to work with us. The hotel is called Bella Vista Playa Blanca Boutique Hotel. The entire hotel will only be available for Project World School Family Summit participants for the week.  We will have use of the lawn to set up our kids camp activities, the pool for pool parties and access to the beach front. Our summit will take over their open air restaurant  to host our conference sessions, presentations, workshops, and round table discussions. 

Please visit the Bella Vista Boutique Hotel website here and the Bella Vista Boutique Hotel Facebook page here.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Direct flights to Zihuatanejo from many Canadian cities has made Zihuatanejo a top destination for Canadian travelers. Unfortunately all  flights out of Canada to Mexico have been canceled and families who own and operate businesses that serve tourists are now struggling. 

The family and staff at Bella Vista Boutique Hotel are excited to receive us. They will be masked and will accommodate our group the highest standards of health and safety based on pandemic protocols.  

Barra de Potosí is a small beachside village which is nestled at the southern end of Playa Larga beach. Bella Vista Playa Blanca Boutique Hotel is located in Barra de Potosi and is about a 5 minute drive from Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa airport and 35 minutes drive from the seaside-fishing village of Zihuatanejo. Barra de Potosi boasts wonderful seafood restaurants, pristine beaches, nature and is also the location of the famous bird and wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is located on a 4 1/2 mile saltwater lagoon and mangroves which boasts a rich variety of birds and local wildlife. Small boats are available for sightseeing and photography.

Bella Vista Playa Blanca Boutique Hotel is located near Playa Larga (long beach), which  is 9 1/2 miles of pristine, unspoiled beach backed by an almost unbroken line of palm trees and wild fauna, conveniently interspersed with small thatched-roofed, family operated, fresh seafood restaurants (Enramadas). 

More information about Barra de Potosí can be found

Hotel Bella Vista Playa Blanca


Carretera Barra de Potosí Lote 32 B, Zihuatanejo

 +52 044 755 100 6976


The restaurant will set  up a buffet for our guests and there are many other food options are available in the pueblo.  If you are staying at the hotel, each of the hotel rooms has a refrigerator in the room.



There are 10 rooms in total:

2 – Suites can sleep 4-6 people 

4-  Doubles can sleep 4 each 

4 – Singles that can sleep 2 people 


Single –  $1,950 pesos per night (aprox $97 USD)

Double-  $2,350 pesos per night (aprox  $117 USD) 

Suites –   $2,950 pesos  per night (aprox $146 USD) 

If you wish to stay at the event hotel, please reserve your room ASAP! Again, there are only 10 rooms at our hotel, and is the most convenient way to experience the Project World School Family Summit. 

To reserve one of the rooms, please message Cintia at or call: +52 755 100 6976

To Our Community

We understand that many may not agree with our choice to organize a community gathering at this time. We totally understand that. Many considerations went into the decision making process, including the availability of vaccines,  the request of the community to have options to connect with one another, the desire to support local family run businesses in Mexico and worldschooler’s overall mental health. We are organizing with safety in mind, in compliance with the laws of our host country while meeting the requests of our worldschooling community.   

Again, not all will agree, and if this event doesn’t feel right for you, please opt out and wait for a future event or a time that feels better for you.  

As the hosts of We Are Worldschoolersa community that includes more than 10 thousand families, we have listened to the feedback. Over the last year, we have watched many families organize pop up communities around the world and even witnessed worldschooling communities host month long retreats for upwards of 20 families. We understand the desire to connect and the desire to be in community is strong. 

Many families within our community are already here in Mexico and / or are planning a trip to the country and are asking for information in order to connect with other worldschoolers. We believe in community.  

If you do wish to join us, please register as soon as possible, as we have to limit how many participants can attend this event to keep our community safe.

Space is EXTREMELY Limited For This Event

Cost per person for the 5 day event is $119 USD. Tickets are non-refundable (but you can transfer them to another person) 

Please reserve early as we anticipate reaching our capacity quickly. 


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Got Teens?

We are also seeking teen volunteers to help us with the kids camp. If you have a teen interested, please message us here

Video of the Fall 2019 Summit created by the beautiful filmmakers Tereza Matkuliakova & Gábor Pásztor from Slovakia (