Details – Spring 2020

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Here you will find all the details for the Spring, 2020 Project World School Family Summit. Please be sure to check our About Page for more information about the Summit, and download our Fact Sheet. Finally, please be sure to join the Project World School Family Summit Facebook Page to keep up with community interactions before, during and after the Summit. 

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Information for the Project World School Family Spring Summit, 2020 Playa del Carmen, Mexico 


March 2 – March 6, 2020


Chanolandia Waterpark in Playa del Carmen, Mexico 
Address: Prolongacion Avenida Colosio Ctra. a Merida de Cuota Km 3, 77710 Solidaridad, Q.R., Mexico


Worldschooling families (and those curious) from around the world. Families of all shapes, sizes, nationalities and worldviews are welcome.

Come one. Come all. Be Community.


Prices are: $105 USD Per Person 5 & Over
$155 USD per person at the door



planning + timing

We recommend that you and your family plan to arrive at least one to two weeks before and/or stay at least a few days after the summit. For each summit we help facilitate your worldschooling experiences by organizing numerous day trips, family volunteer opportunities and several excursions (both pre and post event).

We are creating awesome opportunities to share real worldschooling experiences in community and explore the incredible history and culture of the area. For more pre and post summit planning, please join the Project World School Family Summit facebook group for ongoing information and planning.


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March 2 – 6, 2020

Playa del Carmen is Mexico’s fastest growing city and tourist hub, but it’s also home to one of the largest local homeschooling communities in all of Latin America. Despite it being a relatively new city there’s still a lot of culture to take in, and Playa del Carmen is an easily accessible, beginner-friendly place to start your worldschooling journey.   Whether it’s visiting Mayan ruins, indulging in authentic street cuisine, or swimming in the underground Cenotes, Playa del Carmen has something for everyone.


The next  Project World School Family Summit is taking place at the Chanolandia WaterparkChanolandia Waterpark in Playa del Carmen, Mexico Address: Prolongacion Avenida Colosio Ctra. a Merida de Cuota Km 3, 77710 Solidaridad, Q.R., Mexico.


No formal hotel has been arranged for the Summit gathering however, we are suggesting these two hotels for your consideration: Hotel Plaza Playa Hotel Magic Express We are working on special rates and will update this page AND the Project World School Family Summit Facebook Group as special offers and rates are approved. In addition to the two hotels suggested above, we suggest that families search for lodging via and Many attending families are connecting with one another within the Project World School Family Summit Facebook Group and self organizing to create greater opporutnites for connection and community. Many families will come before the Summit and stay for weeks after. Within the Project World School Family Summit Facebook Group the Summit’s location manager has provided several suggestions for lodging as well. Please see the “files” secion in the group. For those of you interested in staying in Playa del Carmen a little longer, there are a wide variety of housing options available. In this article written by Vagabond Expert called  How To Find Cheap Apartments In Playa Del Carmen, they share several tips and links for finding long term lodging. Guide to Playa del Carmen

The site,  GettingStamped  provides a wonderful guide to Playa del Carmen here.

Don’t forget to read this article called  The Best Things To Do In Playa Del Carmen by Expert Vagabond.

Here’s another great article written by a family worldschooler called Day Trips And Activities Around Playa del Carmen


By Air
The closest airport is in Cancun, and stands about 55km (about 30 miles) from Playa del Carmen. Local vans and buses can be arranged from the airport, as well as private cars. By Bus – Local buses are also an efficient way of transport, as there are ADO stations in most major cities in the Quintana Roo area.  From the Canucun Airport – There are several options on how to get to Playa del Carmen from the Cancun Airport. Here are several options to consider:

Rent a Car
If you don’t like taking taxis and like the freedom of having your own transporation, this option might work best for you. There are many rental car companies at the airport. The cheaper ones are just outside the airport and will pick you up when you flight arrives and take you to the office. We like this car rental website  because they offer low rates on the rental and also give good prices on the mandatory insurance you need in Mexico. We recommend taking a look here if you are going to be renting a car from the Cancun Airport.

Large Group / Transfer
This can be a great option if you want to get to your hotel the fastest and most direct route. The prices can be comparable with the bus and you can get there faster!  Here are a couple options:

  • If you have 1-3 people you can get a private transfer direct to your hotel for $60 USD. That is just $20 USD per person and almost as cheap as the bus plus it takes you direct to your hotel without having to take a taxi from the bus station. Here is the link to book this airport transfer optionTip: Booking round trip saves you $10.

  • If you have 4-8 people then this airport transfer option is just $70 one way or $120 round trip. Tip: Booking round trip saves you $20.

This works best if you are a small family, on a budget and or have a hotel in Playa Del Carmen that you can walk to from the bus station. ADO (pronounced in Spanish AHH-DAY-OH) bus company services the airport in a regular basis and takes people to Cancun or Playa Del Carmen.  




There will be local, cultural family events and volunteer opportunities  organized one week before the summit and one week after the summit. Please join the facebook group for all the planning details. It is our hope that you use this situation as an opportunity to practice building community,  tap into your resourcefulness and design a worldschooling experiences that serves you and your family within your own budget and comfort guidelines.

kids + teens

The Project World school Family Summit is a five day gathering for worldschooling families. This unique conference hosts sessions, roundtables, panel discussions and workshops about everything worldschooling, including travel, family matters, health & wellness and education.

Every year we also host a robust kids camp, chock full of art, games, activities and connection promoted by play. In the case of the 2020 Project World School Family Summit, the incredilbe water park pools and slides hosts a lot of our fun.

We also host unique sessions just for teens, including werewolf, pizza parties, improv and teen only games and hang out zones. Teens are invited to participate however they wish. However, we also offer a teen volunteer program if they are interested in being a kids camp group co-leader, allowing participants to help to run the sessions, games, and activities during the kids camp. If you have a teen who is interested in volunteering, please send us an email using our contact form.

Registration, meals & housing (if desired) during the summit are covered for our teen volunteers. If your teen is interested, there will be an interview process, so please indicate your interest in our contact form.

From this point on, Project World School will be offering Teen-Intro Retreats around the Summits, in the spirit of facilitating and nurturing a love of travel in our young teenagers and adults. For those who are more cautious or nervous, or are simply on the fence about traveling without their family, the PWS Intro Retreats are wonderful opportunities to step out into the world and taste independence and adventure, while being supported every step of the way.

In the spirit of cooperation, families with teens attending the summit will receive special discount codes for the Intro Retreat, and are invited to join our teen-volunteer staff during the PWS Family Summit. Please check our website for the retreat announcement, and send us your questions here.


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