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Here you will find all the details for the Fall, 2020 Project World School Family Summit. Please be sure to check our About Page for more information about the Summit, and download our Fact Sheet.

Finally, please be sure to join the Project World School Family Summit Facebook Page to keep up with community interactions before, during and after the Summit. 

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Information for the Project World School Family Fall Summit, 2020 Hoi An, Vietnam 


October 12 – October 16, 2020


Hội An, Vietnam
Address: Hoi An, Vietnam


Worldschooling families (and those curious) from around the world. Families of all shapes, sizes, nationalities and worldviews are welcome.

Come one. Come all. Be Community.


$89 Per Person (Early Bird Rate) – before February 1st, 2020
$105 Per Person after February 1st, 2020



planning + timing

There will be local, cultural family events and volunteer opportunities organized one week before the summit and one week after the summit. Please join the facebook group for all the planning details. It is our hope that you use this situation as an opportunity to practice building community,  tap into your resourcefulness and design a worldschooling experiences that serves you and your family within your own budget and comfort guidelines.


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October 12- October 16, 2020

Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Vietnam, Hoi An is a site of incredible history and culture. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999, the town has risen in popularity as a tourist destination and as a result has become incredibly accessible for travelers. The beach is amazing, the views idyllic and the food fresh; there truly is something for everyone in this town. 



Info coming soon!


The closest airport is in Da Nang, and stands about 40km (about 18 miles) from Hoi An. Local vans and buses can be arranged from the airport, as well as private cars. Check this link for a comprehensive guide on getting to Hoi An from Da Nang.


Citizens of certain countries will have to apply for a visa in order to enter Vietnam. This can be done online or upon arrival depending on your passport. The visa won’t ever cost more than $30 USD and lasts for 30 days. Check here to see what your visa requirements are, and click here for the official Vietnam Government eVisa application.


We suggest that families search for lodging via Airbnb, and  Many attending families are connecting with one another within the Project World School Family Summit Facebook Group and are self organizing to create greater opportunities for connection and community. There are NUMEROUS guests houses in Hoi An, and in the coming months, we’ll compile a list to share in the facebook group.


Walk. Ride a bicycle. Take a scooter. Order a Grab. It really is that easy. Hoi An is a relatively small town which makes getting around just that much easier, and with Ridesharing apps like Grab and Fastgo, the town is at the tip of your fingers.



There is no shortage of things to do in the city: from cooking classes to water puppet shows, boat rides to river basket dances, there is more than enough to keep everyone in the family engaged. Here are a few lists of family friendly activites to ensure that your trip here is an exciting one.


Name and Location of Businesses in Hoi An Who Do Not Use Plastic




Announcements coming soon!

kids + teens

The Project World school Family Summit is a five day gathering for worldschooling families. This unique conference hosts sessions, roundtables, panel discussions and workshops about everything worldschooling, including travel, family matters, health & wellness and education.

Every year we also host a robust kids camp, chock full of art, games, activities and connection promoted by play. In the case of this 2020 Project World School Family Summit, the kids camp will be run on the grounds of the international school.

We also host unique sessions just for teens, including werewolf, pizza parties, improv and teen only games and hang out zones. Teens are invited to participate however they wish. However, we also offer a teen volunteer program if they are interested in being a kids camp group co-leader, allowing participants to help to run the sessions, games, and activities during the kids camp. If you have a teen who is interested in volunteering, please send us an email using our contact form.

Registration, meals & housing (if desired) during the summit are covered for our teen volunteers. If your teen is interested, there will be an interview process, so please indicate your interest in our contact form.

Project World School is also offering aTeen-Intro Retreat  before the Summit, in the spirit of facilitating and nurturing a love of travel in our young teenagers and adults. For those who are more cautious or nervous, or are simply on the fence about traveling without their family, the PWS Intro Retreats are wonderful opportunities to step out into the world and taste independence and adventure, while being supported every step of the way.

In the spirit of cooperation, families with teens attending the summit will receive special discount codes for the Intro Retreat, and are invited to join our teen-volunteer staff during the PWS Family Summit. Please check our website for the retreat announcement, and send us your questions here.


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