Project World School Family Summit | The Concept
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The Concept

The concept behind how the Project World School Family Summits are organized

the concept of the summit

At Project World School we strive to bring these things to our community: flexibility, relatability, support and inclusion, and we do so in many different ways. At our Summits, these are some of the more notable ways that we do that:


We encourage everybody to practice fluidity and open mindedness by not making a schedule available beforehand. We believe that this is in alignment with how we worldschool. Sometimes, we won’t have all of the information and we need to learn that that is okay.

As Anita said in the video below, all of our content at the Project World School Family Summits is sourced from within our own community. The result of this is a much higher level of relatability and understanding. Our sessions are not given by people who are paid to be there or by people who come from the outside thinking of personal gain. No, our speakers are motivated by something else: The innate desire to serve their community, share their expertise and be heard.


But, with all of that being said, we also welcome people who are less familiar with worldschooling to attend our summit. At Project World School, we pride ourselves on the spirit of inclusiveness and acceptance that we foster within our community and we recognize that everybody is on their own learning path and that is something that should be celebrated.

Listen to the heartfelt testimonial below given by a previous PWS Family Summit participant to get a better idea of what kind of experience this really is.

Project World School Family Summits: The only conference on the planet, for worldschoolers, by worldschoolers. 


In the video below, participants talk about their experiences and what they’ve learned.

Topics covered at the PWS Family Summits cover location independence, cultural sensitivity, family strategies, education and travel.

The concept in action.