Project World School Family Summit | Location
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Location information for upcoming Project World School Family Summits

The Location for the Project World School Family Summit

 January 29 through February 2, 2018

Guanajuato is considered Mexico’s most beautiful city by locals and tourists alike, but Guanajuato is much more than just a pretty face. For centuries it was one of the richest cities in Mexico; gold and silver mines around Guanajuato produced a river of wealth from the 16th century onward and mining remains an important industry to this day. The city’s beautiful historic center, which trails up and down steep hills, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful city and the Project World School Family Summit is honored to take place in such a beautiful city!

Guide to Guanajuato

The site, MExperience provides a wonderful guide to Guanajuato here.

Come one week before the Summit, stay one week after the Summit

There will be local, cultural family events and volunteer opportunities  organized one week before the summit and one week after the summit. Please join the facebook group for all the planning details.

Travel to Guanajuato

Getting There & Around


By Air – The closest airport is between León and Silao “Bajio International Airport”, and stands about 40km (about 25 miles) from Guanajuato. The closest (main) airport is Leon. The only way to get back and forth to Guanajuato from the airport is to drive you own car or take a private taxi.

By Bus – You can travel to Guanajuato on a luxury bus from Mexico City— the trip takes around 4 hours. There are plenty of buses to Guanajuato, all day, every day.

Here is a  detailed guide to traveling by  bus in Mexico: Bus Travel in Mexico.

By Car – Driving to Guanajuato is very fast and efficient now that many high-speed and safe toll roads connect with the city. It looks longer on the map, but Highway 57, leading to Highway 45D, then Highway 45, and lastly bear east on Highway 110 is the fastest route (tolled, four-lane carriageways all the way).